Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Second Half of the Whirlwind

Well, if you've been following along (see previous post) you know it's been a busy month! Trips #3 & 4 followed those recounted below, in quick succession, and I am now coming up to breathe...just a bit. I will be packing my suitcase again this Thursday, but this time it's for a week spent across town, where I will be house & puppy-sitting for friends while they are on vacation.

Trip #3 was up to Mequon, WI for the wedding of my cousin Molly to her groom, Andy. Here's my family with the newlyweds at the reception:
Trip #4 was to Michigan this past weekend. We drove up Friday night, enjoyed a leisurely Saturday morning, and then Travis and I split up, he for a bachelor party (of sorts) with his friends and me for an afternoon and evening with his friends' wives (who I am happy to count as my friends as well) and their gaggle of kiddos. Sunday afternoon brought my first bridal shower (the registry kind, at least) which was hosted by my new sister, mother, and aunts-in-law, who possess some serious hospitality and culinary skills. The gorgeous spread of food included two cakes (one strawberry, one lemon), a cheesecake (Aunt Carolyn's specialty), ganache-filled brownie bites, cream puffs, chocolate-covered strawberries, an expansive fruit tray, and two tasty dips--spinach and artichoke. I could further describe these scrumptious delights (the recollection alone has me drooling), but I suppose I will just let you survey the feast for yourself:
The shower was so much fun! After allowing guests to arrive and mill around a bit, Jamie welcomed everyone and then Travis (who was there for the first part of the shower) and I shared the story of how we met and how he proposed. To some it was new, to others a story that has been heard (or read) a few times already, but it was well received by all and Travis was praised (quite deservedly) for his creativity and thoughtfulness. After this we played a game where I had to answer a series of questions about Travis. I was glad for each query I was able to answer correctly, but it was to the guests' advantage each time I got one wrong, for then I drew the name of a person who would win a prize. After this everyone was invited to partake of the refreshments, which were heartily appreciated by all. Then came the opening of gifts. So many gifts! It felt like four or fives Christmases all at once. And after this, more mingling and chatting with family and friends and grazing on sweets. I could not have asked for (or even imagined!) a nicer shower. Thank you to my new family and friends in Michigan!

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