Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Four States in Four Weeks

Two weeks ago I embarked on the first of four back-to-back weekend trips.

Trip #1 took me to Colorado to meet up with Travis, who had already been out there for a week, camping and hiking mountain with his buddy Dale. I joined them on Friday, and together we visited a college friend/roommate of mine and explored sites near Colorado Springs (Cheyenne Canyon & Garden of the Gods) on Saturday. Sunday morning we hiked to the summit of my first 14er, Mt. Evans. It was a great experience, and I hope the first of many like it! This pic shows us at the top; over my shoulder is the parking lot where we started hiking at about 12,800 feet.
Trip #2 took me back to my alma mater, Taylor University in Upland, IN where I met my dear friends from Third Gerig for our seventh consecutive annual reunion. We stayed in the dorm, bunking in our old rooms for the weekend. After so many years away and so much that has happened since we lived there together (careers! masters degrees! marriages! babies! years abroad!), it was incredible how natural it felt to be there together again--climbing the stairwells (that still have the same smell!), padding down the hall to the bathroom to brush our teeth side by side, lounging around in the suites, updating one another on what's transpired in our lives over the past year, sharing stories and laughing together, looking through photos from our college days, and telling of plans and dreams for the years ahead. This year's reunion included a book-themed baby shower (for Janelle and Sophie), a personal bridal shower (for me), and a 30th birthday party (for all of us--complete with tiaras!). What a wonderful weekend...such treasured friends.This coming weekend takes me to Wisconsin for my cousin Molly's wedding, and next weekend I'm off to Michigan for a bridal shower with Travis' family and friends. The weeks are whizzing by, and summer will be over before I know it!


David and Bethany said...

Hi Suz! I don't know if you remember me, but I lived in Gerig my soph. & junior year at TU. I'm not sure when you graduated...but I've had a lot of fun looking at your blog! :) What a FUN idea to stay in Gerig & have your reunion there...I'm sure the stairwells all still smell exactly like they used to...I am sure that's a smell you never forget! At any rate, I just thought that was such a fun idea! Congrats on your upcoming wedding, also!

TirzahJean said...

How fun! And staying in your old rooms...what a treat!