Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Creating a Haven

I've been living in my apartment for three months now. I am so thankful for the way things worked out, allowing me to live now in the place that will become our home together in just two months (60 days from today!). I am rather enjoying "nesting" -- the ongoing process of settling in, arranging things, and making a series of rooms into a home.

In the last week Travis and I have taken 2 giant strides forward in creating the haven that will be our bedroom. First, the bedding ensemble I've had my eye on went significantly on sale, so I ordered it from Macy's. Isn't it gorgeous? It came by FedEx this morning and I can't wait to get home, spread it out, and admire it. Of course, it will be a few weeks yet until I have a king-size mattress to adorn with it. We are, however, one step closer to that, having purchased a used 6-piece oak bedroom set we found on Craigslist. We're to go pick it up on Saturday.

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TirzahJean said...

LOVE the bedroom set! So glad you are enjoying nesting : )