Monday, February 22, 2010

A Year of Deer, Episode 7: Potato (Etc.) Chowder

I wasn't sure about including yesterday's lunch in my year of deer endeavor, because it kind of feels like cheating. It wasn't from scratch (I made soup from a mix) and threw in some venison sausage (which meant no actual cooking of venison was involved). However, as Travis pointed out, "We just ate venison, didn't we? Why wouldn't that count?" And so, here we are.
One of my favorite ways to throw together a quick, hearty meal is to doctor up a Beer Creek Soup Mix. For the meal in question I started with a 4-serving pouch of Creamy Potato, and added some frozen corn, green onions, carrots, and some diced venison summer sausage (from the 2 lb log we've been working our way through for several weeks now). The extra veggies made the soup heartier and a bit more nutritious. The venison sausage added an interesting salty component to the flavor mix. The final product was pretty tasty for a spontaneous "what can I find to throw in the pot?" meal.

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