Friday, February 19, 2010

A Year of Deer, Episode 6: Venison Goulash

The recipe for this meal came from my sister-in-law, Jamie, who made the dish for us (albeit with beef) when we were over to their house for dinner a few weeks ago. Jamie is pregnant, and one of her strongest food cravings has been for tomatoes. With diced tomatoes, tomato juice, and ketchup, this recipe definitely hits the spot! If you're not pregnant, and just happen to love tomatoes (like me), it's still a very satisfying meal. I made it with a pound of ground venison and served it with cheddar chive biscuits.

The Ingredients: 

The Finished Product:

The Verdict: Delicious! I will definitely make this again, either with ground beef, venison, or turkey. The only downside is that I now have half a can of tomato juice left to use, and I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe I'll just have to make another batch and freeze it for later!

Bonus: For dessert we had the last two servings of the apple cranberry bread pudding I made Tuesday evening (isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!) as a way to use up the rest of the Hawaiian bread that had come to our SuperBowl party with spinach dip (which I meant to send home with Jon, but forgot - sorry Jamie!). This was my second bread pudding in recent months, and I think my appreciation for bread pudding is now rivaling my affinity for trifles. (It's a dessert duel! Which sweet will win!?!)


Anonymous said...

Why do you label your macaroni?

suz said...

That particular box of macaroni was left over from my days of having a roommate. Now that I have my own glorious pantry, I do not make a practice of labeling my food. :)

Anonymous said...

I think labeling your macaroni is hot. There is no need to explain. HH