Monday, February 01, 2010

Infrequently Asked Questions

Ever since I chose a new template for my blog, there've been those 4 links up there in the purple swatch. Except, until today, only the first (Home) was actually a link. The other 3 were simply a tease that went nowhere. Well, I'm out to change that, one at a time. This post shall be the linked-to page for the third one over. The person who created this template designed it to have an FAQ page. I've decided to instead post some IAQ - Infrequently Asked Questions (and their answers, naturally). Enjoy!
  1. What's your shoe size? Ten
  2. Worst moment in gym class? Hard to say, really. Maybe the day I accidentally punched my best friend in the face (we were paired up during a self-defense unit, and obviously had some miscommunication about there where the DynaStrike-punching-thingy was to be). Or perhaps the day in junior high when I got a mild concussion from getting clocked in the head with a basketball that *accidentally* came my way (after leaving the hands of a kid who'd given me grief in various forms since third grade). Or it could have been the entire 2-week rollerblading unit in high school: I was so bad the teacher sent me out into the hallway during class to hobble back and forth while holding onto the railing. 
  3. Personal achievemant you're most proud of? Losing 50 pounds in 2006 and then maintaining my weight ever since. 
  4. Best thing I ever ate? (Question inspired by the new show on Food Network) It's hard to answer this without a category to narrow it down (like they do on the show), but the one dish that makes me close my eyes and moan with delight every time would have to be the datiles con tocino (dates wrapped in bacon) from Cafe Ba Ba Reeba in Chicago.
  5. When did you get your ears pierced? I think the first holes were 4th grade. The second set came sometime during the latter half of high school. Finally, I got the stud in the cartilage of my left ear during my sophomore year of college. And I've slept on my right side ever since.
  6. When did you begin to develop your uncanny ability to screech like a monkey? In high school. I think I was at a badminton tournament the first time I tried it out. 
  7. What's your favorite fruit? Apples. They're so versatile! And they'd better be Gala. 
  8. What do you remember from calculus class? Absolutely nothing. Except how my teacher wore tapered leg jeans with brightly colored high heels, and wasn't fooling anyone about being a natural blond.
  9. What's in your pocket right now? Blistex Complete Moisture Lip Protectant. 
  10. Have you ever had the chicken pox? No.


T said...

I love reading your blog honey. I love you.

Jamie Jennings said...

How can I not know you have a blog? It is now on my favorites page . . . and what are all those amazing recipes you have posted? How can I get them? I need this chicken apple chili as soon as possible!
ps - I, too, look at my XL jug of tomato juice and think, "what next"? I crave tomatoes - but NOT that much!