Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Getaway, How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways.

As are many of our shared activities, how we would spend Valentine's Day this year was a surprise (for me) and an event lovingly planned with great relish (for Travis). Going into it, all I *officially* knew was that we were going away for two nights, and that I should pack a couple casual outfits, a couple dressy outfits, and something warm for cross-country skiing. (Unofficially, I had a pretty strong hunch that we were headed to Galena for the weekend; at  dinner with friends a few weeks back, Galena came up in conversation and I noticed how Travis perked up, tuned in, asked questions, and offered opinions like someone VERY interested in the quaint little town).

1.  The private villa Travis reserved for us at Eagle Ridge Resort was the perfect setting for our romantic retreat. We had a one-bedroom town home all to ourselves. The first floor had a kitchen and dining area, living room with fireplace (where we enjoyed a fire each evening), and (hurray!) a washer and dryer. Now, some people might think that taking along several loads of laundry on a romantic weekend getaway is, well, pretty unromantic. However, my understanding husband knows that coming home to all of that laundry, with no time during the following week to get it done, would have stressed me out, and that I would find a great deal of satisfaction in getting it done (with machines all to myself, no less!) over the weekend. So, three baskets of dirty laundry came with us, and three baskets of clean clothes, towels, and underwear came home. Happy day. Upstairs was bedroom, along with a nice big bathroom and a tub with spa jets. Ahhhh...

2. The weekend included my first attempt at cross-country skiing. In general, I panic when an activity involves strapping things to my feet and moving with any degree of speed and any uncertainty of stopping (downhill skiing, ice skating, rollerblading, etc.). This was no exception, but I still really enjoyed myself, and being out there getting some good exercise with my husband was a gift. Yes, I screamed on a few of the downhill parts, and fell down several times (a few times on accident, more times as my only recourse for stopping my momentum), and still had sore muscles several days later, but overall I can honestly say that I had fun, and would do it again. 

3. Both Sunday and Monday afternoon were spent ambling up and down Galena's Main Street, popping in and out of all the different little shops and browsing the variety of wares. Highlights included a wine tasting at Galena Cellars (we decided on a bottle of their Bubbling Blanc for later that evening), admiring the unique jewelry and artistic presentation at Vintaj Earth, and four delectable pieces of gourmet chocolate from Chocolat.
4. Saturday evening we got "all dolled up" for our Valentine's dinner at Woodlands, the restaurant at the resort. I had salmon, while Travis enjoyed the prime rib buffet. Seeing the sheer happiness on his face as he surveyed (and proceeded to rapturously eat) the meat in front of him was precious. You say prime rib, I say chocolate mint truffle.
5. Cuddling while watching the season premier of The Amazing Race, which is still my hands-down favorite TV show.

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TirzahJean said...

Sounds divine! How will he top it next year? ; )