Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Design a Sign

Thanks to The Nester (who posted a giveaway contest today about this very thing) I've discovered the Danielson Design Studio by DaySpring.com.  Their tagline is "Custom Design So Simple It's Stunning." And it's true! They have all different kinds of layouts and designs for plaques, frames, signs, etc., and you can choose whichever format and design you like, fill in your own names, quotes, dates, whatever, and the result is a beautiful, professionally crafted personalized piece for your home...or the home of a lucky friend or family member might receive a stunning gift! My mind is already whirring with gift giving occasions for which a piece like this would be perfect...a friend's wedding coming up soon, my niece or nephew who's due in June, a friend who just purchased their first home...   Yes, I think I'll be bookmarking the design studio and spending some time there again soon!

For now, here's what I came up with (for myself, naturally) after playing around on the site for a few minutes:


Brandie said...

cute! I love how simple the design is!

hbu said...

Those are so rad! I'm always wanting signs like that, but I never like the ones I can find and always want better quotes. Now I can make one!