Monday, December 12, 2005

A Quintessentially Wisconsin Weekend (or) Some Thoughts on Cheese

1. Wisconsin seems to operate by the mantra, "Choose to do just a few things, and do them well." Here is an incredibly large statue to illustrate that point.

2. Traveling through the snow-covered tundra put me into hibernation-prep mode, and by the end of the trip I kind of felt like I was Brad Pitt in Ocean's Eleven--eating in every shot. Munchins, gummy worms, cookies, wedding cake, and (obligatory when one travels through Wisconsin) CHEESE. Here's a scary pic of me gnawing off a hunk of "beer cheese" we picked up at one of the many cheese chalets advertised along 94. (We had lost our plastic Wendy's knife hours before, and, well, I was inexplicably hungry again.)

3. Bad things can happen if you mistake cheese for something else (and have poor judgement and a low regard for human life). Read all about it!

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