Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Love a Road Trip

Even when the destination is only as exciting as Minneapolis, there's something about road trips that I just love. Sure, flying is often easier and faster, but I love the reward of finally reaching your destination after having done the work of driving (or navigating) and having watched everything in between that destination and your point of origin pass by in a sustained blur, to the soundtrack of whatever mood you happen to be in that day, and the pleasure of extended conversation, if one is so fortunate as to travel with a friend.

And so, in my love of road trips, and a curiosity at just how many weddings a girl can attend in a single calendar year (knocked off another last weekend--congrats Evan & Karyn!), I'm embarking on another trip to Minnesota tomorrow morning with Christina, a dear friend who mentioned awhile back that she wouldn't mind some company on her journey to attend a friend's wedding in the Twin Cities, and am looking forward to lively discussions of the literary conventions used by Lewis in LWW and its prequel, which we're reading for this month's book club. A lovely friend, enchanting books, yet another couple pledging their lasting love and commitment, and a winter wonderland road trip.

Okay, so maybe I'm romanticizing things just a bit...and I do realize the wisdom of praying ferverently that we don't end up spinning out into a ditch somewhere in rural Wisconsin (feel free to pray too)...but nevertheless I think I'm just inclined to rose-colored glasses this afternoon. Hoorah!


Mary said...

i love your excitement, suz. i will echo your hurrahs :)

safe travels ...

Silver J said...

I love Minneapolis! I imagine you've been before, but I especially love it in the winter. Nobody celebrates winter like the Minnesotans do, I think.