Thursday, December 22, 2005


I feel like yesterday's post begs, or at least suggests, a brief addendum to partially explain my surprise at the events recorded: Let it be known that in the year and a half I've lived in my apartment, Miguel is actually the first neighbor with whom I've conversed beyond a passing hello (aside from Lonely Cat Man, who doesn't count since he doesn't live in my building--I've just happened upon him a few times when he's been out walking his Siamese cat named Frodo) because it really is true that I'm hardly ever home, and I'm usually coming and going at odd hours, and so I encounter people's bags of trash sitting on the landing far more often than I encounter the people who generate the trash. This is sad but true.

The rest of my surprise, of course, stems from the fact that I was asked out by a man who, but for being my neighbor, is pretty much a complete stranger, and that just doesn't happen to me very often...or really, ever. ("GroooovyGlen" from PA does not count because although he was very strange, by the end of the bus ride from Tarifa to Sevilla we were not complete strangers).

And, in a stroke of grand irony, just this morning I had my third ever neighbor conversation with Marvin, a California transplant I found in the parking lot two cars over from mine attemping to scrape his car windows with a license plate. I lent him my scraper and we conversed, predictably, about the weather.


Charity said...

Oh make me chuckle :)

suz said...

Charity! You left a comment! Hoorah and Hooray!