Tuesday, August 31, 2010


One thing that scares me. Everyday. That's a tall order, Eleanor. But today, I felt up to the challenge.

At lunchtime I went to my first yoga class at the gym, alone. A small step for some, a much bigger deal for me. This morning I donned what I felt was a cute, yoga-friendly outfit (when approaching an intimidating activity, I find it helps if I know I'll at least look cute while making a fool of myself). I fueled myself with a comforting slice of yesterday's banana bread. I walked across the street to the gym and into the studio. And then I stood there, looked around, and smiled shyly until a nice older man picked up on the fact that I was new and had no idea what to do, where to go, or what all those props were for.

I think I'll go back on Thursday and give it another go. I felt silly. I felt self-conscious. But now I feel nice and limber and relaxed, and proud of myself for being brave.


wren said...

Oh hooray! Your first yoga class! :) So excited for you... I like the yoga journey.

So... I also started a yoga blog, but have been bad about keeping it up. Perhaps you'll find parts of it interesting?


Please let me know if you have questions about yoga! I love talking about it! :)

TirzahJean said...

Good for you! Our hospital offered a Mommy & Me class after Sarah was born - I loved it! And, for some reason my little helpless baby made me more comfortable about going to Yoga for the first time : ) But I was still completely intimidated!