Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Adios Paloma. Bienvenidos El Cuervo.

Although I am 29 years old, I rarely feel as "grown up" as my teenage self imagined I would when I got to this point in life. Back in my teens, I had this romantic notion that, simply as a bi-product of adding years to my life, I'd somehow absorb and possess all of the knowledge and know-how required for adulthood. Instead, I've discovered that life is something a person figures out as they go along. Sure, we can (and hopefully do) learn and benefit from the wisdom and experience of those who have gone ahead of us--sometimes decades ahead, sometimes just a few months--but life largely consists of rising to the occasion and figuring things out as the tasks of life come along. And every once in a while, we are called upon to undertake one of those tasks that feels unmistakably adult-like.

This past weekend, husband and I bought a car. Researching the various makes and models, analyzing reliability reports and fuel efficiency, considering usefulness for our current and future life situations (i.e. transporting potential offspring - egads!), and then signing papers that committed us to this one vehicle and paying off the thousands of dollars we borrowed, all made me feel very grown up. And admittedly, a little weary. A difference Travis and I have discovered between us...he feels energized and excited by challenges like this, while I tend to feel stressed and burdened. Needless to say, I was very glad to have him on my team when the time came to replace my dear Paloma ("dove" in Spanish), the white 2000 Chevy Malibu my parents helped me purchase mid-way through my senior year of college (which is why I'd never done this whole car-buying thing on my own). I think some of the weariness also comes from the sadness of saying goodbye to my first and only car to date...a car that carried me to many places beyond to work and back every day. What I need to do is separate the memories from the vehicle. I get to hold on to the memories and drive off with them in a shiny new car (a black 2008 Pontiac Vibe I've dubbed El Cuervo, or "the raven"), while I let someone else deal with my geriatric, noisy, increasingly broken and unsafe 140,000 mile road-weary vehicle, for which they actually gave me a pittance of money. It's a pretty good deal, really. :)

And so, Paloma, here's a look back on the many places we traveled together:
  • to Taylor and back, before and especially after graduation, for visits to see Josh perform in plays, for Ollie's memorial service, for Homecoming where I ran (well, jogged) my first 5K; and last summer for the 3G reunion
  • to and from and all over Columbus, OH, where I lived with Allison's family while working at the Easton B&N
  • to and from weddings--so many weddings!--in Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and all over greater Chicagoland
  • to and from Menomonie and Madison and Baraboo, WI for visits and rendezvous with Allison
  • to the north side of Chicago and back to the western suburbs (a 50+ mile loop) while Travis and I were dating
  • to and from Michigan for holidays and visits with Travis' family
  • and many more meaningful destinations that aren't coming to mind right now
Yes, Paloma, we had a good run. El Cuervo, we're excited and thankful to have you, and eager for the many miles of adventures that lie ahead...

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TirzahJean said...

I'm with you, though having purchased my first car (an SUV no less) 7 years ago this month, I am sad for the all too fast approaching day we trade it in for a minivan. Enjoy the new ride! : )