Thursday, February 09, 2006


I've been musing on this story all week, but am just now carving out the time to post about it. So, here goes.

Sunday evening I was at a friend's house "watching" the Superbowl. Admittedly it was more like passive listening while knitting and letting my mind wander. As I sat there on her couch absently running my fingers through my hair, vanity and self-pity coordinated an attack and I found myself thinking, "You know, it really is a shame that I'm not dating anyone right now, because I am having a really good hair day and someone is missing out big time on the opportunity of tangibly appreciating that." Sad, but true.

Cut to the very next morning. I'm at Caribou before work, hunched over a table where I'm doing prep work for Tuesday's small group meeting, chin resting in my hand as I read. All of a sudden I feel a tug on my hair from the left at the same moment a lady emits a gasp on my right. She follows her gasp with a stern and reprimanding "Isaac!" directed to the 2 1/2 foot blond haired, blue eyed hair yanker, and an truly apologetic, "I'm so sorry" to me. Keeping a closer eye on her toddler, she sheepishly explains that he really likes girls with long hair. I give Isaac a wink, pull my hair in front a la Counsin It, and shake my head. He laughs, claps his hands, and gives another appreciative yank.

Even in my sinfulness, God in His tenderness sees fit to send a prompt reminder that He is more than capable of placing in my life a man (in this case, a rather short but adorable one) who will appreciate my hair (and hopefully my other qualities as well)...O for grace to trust Him more.

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