Friday, January 06, 2006

Another New Year...Happy Indeed

[Hey guess what! Today is the one year anniversary of my first blog post. It seems only fitting that I am about to blog about the same event, one year removed! Hooray for the stability of tradition.]

Almost a week into the New Year I am still feeling a little sleep deprived from the all festivities and travel, but my love tank remains at "overflowing," having spent almost a week with a large contingent of my dearest friends. Chris & Janelle hosted our 7th annual Taylor & Friends New Years Extravaganza at their beautiful, cozy home in Evans, CO and it was a smashing good time.

This year's festivities included hiking through the snow at RMNP; skiing (for some) at Loveland and providing ski commentary (for others) at Copper Mountain; lots and lots of kareoke (enough to prompt Heather to observe that few groups could have that much fun with a kareoke machine while sober); movies; games; knitting; cuddling with Charlie; bonding in the basement; "gossiping" about old news in the girls bathroom; dinner at a crazy Mexican restaurant; almost country line dancing; an incredible time of sharing, prayer, and worship; original songs by Heather Baker; several yummy meals prepared by various combinations of people; and such an abundance of love and laughter to make my cheeks ache and my heart rejoice.

Below (in a separate post because the photo uploader is driving me crazy at the moment) are a few of my favorite pics.

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