Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Foto Friday

Hello, dear readers! Thanks for sticking with me through another unpremeditated blogging drop-off. When I originally proposed Fall Foto Friday, I failed to factor in that my upcoming vacation would mean I'd be unplugged for the following two Fridays. And then after that I was simply busy/lazy. But now I am back, and I intend to make up for those missed Fridays! Because while I wasn't posting, I was taking photos. Here are a few faves that show how I've been favoring fall. (And yes, I did have fun with all of the alliteration in this paragraph.)
Taken on our vacation road trip. Autumn in Georgia means the cotton harvest!
Taken on a hike at Morton Arboretum
Also at Morton Arboretum
Highwood Pumpkin Festival
There were SO MANY jack o' lanterns. This shot captures only a fraction of the scaffolding pull of pumpkins that lined the streets of Highwood.