Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wee Bit Wednesday

I've decided to participate in my first Wee Bit Wednesday, hosted by fellow blogger Leigh Ashley as a way for bloggers to connect with one another and share a little bit about themselves with their readers. Hope you enjoy learning a wee bit (more) about me!

{one} what was your first pet and how did you come up with its name?
My first (and only) pet (so far) was a white toy poodle named Frisky that my family brought home when I was in second grade. Naming the dog fell upon 7-year-old me, who (at the time) believed Frisky was the perfect name for the fluffy little guy. He was small and active--frisky, even! At least in his early years. Frisky lived a fairly long life (11 years) and by the end (thanks to some iffy-poodle-genes) he suffered from seizures, tooth loss, cataracts, and glaucoma (the latter two of which caused blindness). The end result: a not-so-frisky and rather pathetic bony little creature who did little more than sleep and yelp in pain. Lesson learned: be wary of naming pets with adjectives, for later in life they may be ripe with irony.

{two} do you like your ice crushed or cubed?

{three} do you believe in love at first sight?
I think someone can fall in love with some aspect of a person upon first sight (for example, seeing them help a little old lady across the road, as evidence of their gentle and helpful nature), but it's impossible to KNOW someone upon first sight, and frankly, it's easy to be duped on first sight, too (have you ever found someone really attractive, until they opened their mouth?). So, I think someone can fall in love with the *idea* of someone upon first sight, but when we truly fall in love it's with the person we've come to know them to be - their character, their personality, their interests, their hopes and dreams. 

{four} do you have any nicknames?
Several! Suz being the most obvious (for Suzanne). Suzinator. RedSuz. Squit. Daisy. And a host of sappy pet names known only by my husband.

{five} what movie do you never get tired of watching?
The A&E Pride and Prejudice. I watched it three times all the way through after I got my wisdom teeth out. And the drugs had nothing to do with it.

{six} how do you like your eggs cooked?
Over easy.

{seven} are you named after anyone in particular?
Not that I know of.

{eight} what are three things that you would like to do that you haven’t done yet?
Eat my way through Italy, photograph my way through Ireland, and cook my way through an entire deer (that final one's in progress, nearing completion!)

{nine} what one thing always brightens your mood?

{ten} what five things will you always find in your purse?
Cell phone, wallet, hand lotion, lip balm, coupons.

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Clueless said...

Mmmm. Brownies!!! Cooking through an entire deer sounds like an interesting challenge-Good luck!