Friday, June 11, 2010

A Year of Deer, Episode 18: Seasoned & Grilled Venison Steak Kabobs

I have my friend Heather to thank for directing me to the recipe for this episode. I modified it a bit (what else is new?!) and decided to cut up the steaks for kabobs rather than keep them whole, since the size and shape of the venison steaks we received are rather inconsistent.

The marinade ingredients: 

The final product, plated (with thanks to Rachel for the bottle of wine! It did, in fact, pair quite nicely with venison): 

The verdict: The marinade imparted the steak pieces with great flavor. Next time I will probably scale back the recipe even more than I did this time (it made way more than enough to marinate 2 lbs of meat) and leave out the mustard. I don't like mustard. I keep including it in recipes that call for it, thinking that it might be masked enough or that in some magical ingredient combination I will like it, but the fact is I always taste it, and I still don't like it. So, with the measurements scaled back and sans mustard, this will make a repeat appearance at our house for sure.

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