Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthday Weekend Report

On Friday I turned 29, and beginning that afternoon (which I took off from work), the whole weekend was celebration. After leaving the office, I used those few extra hours to run some errands and do some shopping...I came home with a new top and skirt from Ann Taylor Loft, birthday presents to myself, I guess you could say (purchased using my $15 off birthday coupon. Let's hear it one more time for birthday coupons!)

Aside from taking a break to get ice cream with friends (free with birthday coupon!), Friday evening was largely spent getting the apartment ready for Sunday afternoon, when Travis and I entertained his family and mine. That evening I also received part one of my gift from Travis, a cute and very comfy shirt he picked out for me all on his own. I decided to wear the shirt with my new skirt to the next day's morning activity (see photo at right) which remained a mystery until we arrived at the Art Institute of Chicago, where we spent the next several hours wandering through the galleries and taking in the art.

We ended our time in the museum's new Modern wing. The architecture and design of the new wing itself is great. The modern art itself...well, I guess I just prefer art to look pretty and like it required actual talent to create it, rather than have art make a statement by presenting disturbing images...or none at all. One multimedia exhibit in particular, entitled "Clown Torture," was just that...and I generally don't mind clowns.

The evening's activity, which also remained a surprise until we pulled up to Navy Pier, was a dinner and fireworks cruise on Lake Michigan. I had asked Travis to give me an occasion to wear a beautiful dress I'd found crazy-on-sale in a little boutique in Oak Park, and he delivered with a wonderful evening of good food, beautiful views of the skyline, dancing and fireworks. It was a humid, drizzly night, so we watched the fireworks from the covered area at the back of the boat instead of going up to the top deck, but it was still very romantic. We attempted to get a good photo, but every time a gust of wind came and blew hair in my face. This was the best of the bunch...makes me laugh.
Sunday's family gathering was a celebration of not only my birthday but also my mom's and brother's as well as Travis's, plus Father's Day. After dinner (which thankfully turned out tasty - I took a big risk and made 3 dishes I'd never made before...pulled pork sandwiches, slow-cooked beans, and coleslaw) we enjoyed cake and ice cream, capping off a wonderful weekend.

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TirzahJean said...

I have many fond memories of dinner cruises on Lake Michigan (for Trinity banquets) - great job Travis! And your dress is beautiful! Glad you had such a good weekend.