Thursday, June 25, 2009

100 Days to Go!!!

Yes, that fact is worth THREE exclamation points. In the countdown to our wedding day, 100 seems like an important milestone. Tomorrow we enter double digits!

With three months to go, the pace of wedding planning is picking up. This week I've designed our wedding invitations, ordered the paper on which they'll be printed, added some of the final remaining addresses to the guest list spreadsheet, confirmed dates and compiled the invitation lists for various bridal showers and other wedding-related events, and ordered the cake topper...among other things I am sure I'm forgetting.

Tonight Travis and I will celebrate the 100-day milestone with dinner at Flat Top Grill in Oak Park (where I happen to have a birthday coupon that will get me dinner for free. Seriously, it's incredible what you can get for being born and having an email address...I've received coupons for several free meals, free ice cream, free coffee, a free movie, $$ off clothing purchases, and more. The trick is finding time to use all the coupons before they expire! And somehow not gaining 5 pounds along the way.)

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'll be taking a half day at work, partly in celebration of my birthday, but mostly in an attempt to get a whole bunch of stuff done before Sunday when I entertain the largest group of people yet at the apartment - my parents and brother and Travis' parents and sister and brother-in-law (yes, Sunday is the official "meeting of the parents.") I was very thankful to see on the weather forecast this morning that the high temp for Sunday is expected to be only in the low 80s, instead of the mid-90s we've been "enjoying" all this week. This is good news for my guests and for the air conditioning units in my apartment, which function but do not impress.

Everything needs to get done tomorrow because Saturday has been declared "Suzanne's Day of Birthday Mysteries to be Revealed." Okay, we didn't really give it an official title, but basically the whole day is to be one wonderful surprise after another, compliments of my amazing fiance. I know only when to be ready and what to wear for each segment of the day. Beyond that I have no idea what to expect, but if you've been reading this blog with any regularity, or have met my fiance, you know it's gonna be good. Tune in next week when I reveal what happens!

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