Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A New Nest, A New Community

As of this past Saturday I am now a resident of Oak Park! Spring finally delivered on its promise, and I couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather for the big move. Friends and family came out to help, and the whole process went pretty smoothly. Though there's still a lot of work (unpacking, cleaning, organizing, purging) to be done before I feel settled, I must say it feels REALLY good to be in my new space, even if it is littered with boxes and covered in more dust than I'd like. Added to the relief of having the move behind me is my excitement over the reality that this new apartment is not just my home, but it will be OUR home. Travis and I are so thankful for how the Lord led us to this apartment and provided so much space in just the right location and at just the right price.

In addition to nesting in my new apartment I look forward to exploring my new community. I'm excited to get a library card...to walk into town...to wander through the neighborhoods and check out the different kinds of architecture...to learn the history of this place...to try out the different restaurants...to discover my favorite park...to determine the best routes from here to there...to do some window shopping...to visit the farmers market on Saturday mornings...to meet my neighbors...to make spontaneous coffee dates with my best friend...and to have my fiance living only 7 miles away (instead of 32)!


TirzahJean said...

Sounds like perfection to me! Enjoy!

Diary of a wandering man said...

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