Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Make that Thirty-One

Travis and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis with our friends Mike & Becca. It was a wonderfully relaxing time...we made meals together, slept in, went for walks, read, conversed, watched a movie, played some games, went to church, made (and ate) cookies, and had a spontaneous (though short-lived) Latin dance party.

We also tried out a new restaurant in downtown Indy called The Taste of Tango. This meal was our introduction to Argentine cuisine. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression...but for Argentina's sake, I would like to give the country a second chance. The food was okay, but I was expecting/hoping to be "wowed" by at least something about it - the flavor, the presentation, the ingredients - but nothing really stood out. The empanadas were tasty enough, the homemade ravioli with Rossini (white sauce with filetto) Travis ordered was good, the dish I ordered (Matambre con Rusa) was...interesting, and the beef Mike and Becca ordered (Asado de tira) was, frankly, fatty and rather disappointing (given that Argentina is one of the world's leading producers of beef and it's a staple of the Argentine diet). I want to believe Argentina has tastier dishes to offer. I'll have to ask my friends who were missionaries there for over 30 years...and perhaps see if I can score an invitation to dinner.

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