Thursday, October 16, 2008

As Sweet As Can Be

That's what my boyfriend is! There I was at my desk this afternoon, typing away, when I heard a sound behind me. I swung around in my chair to discover Travis standing in the doorway of my office, a huge grin on his face and a bouquet of flowers in his hands. "Happy Sweetest Day!" he exclaimed as he stepped forward to present his offering, a lovely collection of flowers that includes 7 pink roses, one for every month we've been together (it'll be 8 next week). If that's not sweet, I don't know what is. Sometimes I just shake my head in amazement (likely with a dreamy look in my eyes) and wonder at being loved so well, by such a man. I had said man take a pic with my phone before he went on his way. Sigh with me, friends, or roll your eyes if you must, but there's no denying my honey's the sweetest guy around.


Sheryl said...


Anonymous said...

When I consider all of this bliss,
your beautiful smile,
and soft tender kiss.
Your comforting words
and kindness display
a quiet gentle spirit
set apart from the fray.
Honor is due,
I could not delay,
in showing my love,
until sweetest day.

TirzahJean said...

And what's even better is being married to a great man! I'm so happy for you : )