Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Makes me smile every time.

I firmly believe that every day should be graced with a little silliness.

Today I discovered that you can listen to all of Chipotle's recent radio ads here on their website. For the past couple weeks I've been saying to friends, "Have you heard Chipotle's "Pork" commercial? Makes me smile every time." I've then proceeded to attempt to sing a bit of it, and they humor me, silently wondering if I'm sane.

Well, if you haven't heard the Pork song, or any of the other entertaining jingles from Chipotle (and you appreciate a burrito as much as I do), I invite you to open a new browser window, click on the first one, and let them play through. I promise you'll smile. My favorites are, of course, "Pork," as well as "Moo" and "Salad Kountry." Enjoy.

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