Monday, April 10, 2006

First Birk

Back in the fall I created a personal holiday called First Fleece, which marks that first glorious autumn day when the air is just crisp enough to warrant donning my beloved fleece pullover when venturing out of doors. Watching the weather forecast this morning, I decided that today would be the perfect day to celebrate First Fleece's spring counterpart, "First Birk" - that first spring day when, given warmer air and sunshine, dusting off my Birkenstocks and baring my toes to the world is not a move I will frigidly regret once I get out the door. And so it is was with great ceremony and satisfaction that I slipped into my familiar cork and leather footwear this morning and sallied forth (energetically, not violently).


hmb said...

I would like to amend that with a bold "first chaco," which was actually about six weeks ago for me.

I'm hardcore about my sandals. And...there isn't a lot of snow here, so it's possible.

Alohachick said...

I am all in favor of first birk and also the necessity of shaving one's toes that preceeds the advent of that day :)