Friday, September 16, 2005

First Fleece

Last night I celebrated First Fleece. Okay, so last night I also made up First Fleece.

You see, I think there should be a holiday that pays homage to that first glorious day each fall when the temperatures finally dip down low enough to prompt a girl to delve into her closet and pull out her beloved fleece pullover that does nothing for her figure but is oh-so-comfy-and-inviting, like a fabric womb with holes for the wrists and neck.

Of course, First Fleece must be celebrated with just a pinch of sadness, as it is the first indication that one's remaining Birkenstock days are limited. And it must also serve as a sober warning that WTBS (Warm Toasty Bed Syndrome) is now likely to strike on any given morning.

Caveats aside, First Fleece is an event worth celebrating. Even if I'm the only one.


hmb said...

if you lived in washington, i don't know how exciting first fleece would be, because there would only be those six weeks in july/aug when you neglect your fleece, but even then, you feel sad about it.

i will--however, be very sad as of tomorrow, when i switch over to my doc's after wearing my chaco's everyday since april. i'm not very happy about it, either, but my toes are very cold today. blaaah.

The Melan'jack said...

You are so very much not the only one celebrating the beginning of fleece season.

I would also like to add Electric Blanket day but that won't occur for another month or two in Boston.

Laura said...

"Warm Toasty Bed Syndrome" - You didn't explain this but it definitely is universal enough that all of us knew what you meant. I would have to complately agree with your declaration of First Fleece. Digging out that comfy piece of nostalgia for a cool September day is a special moment.

I linked your blog through Mary's by the way.

rae said...

Ah, but Suz, you can easily pull out your stylish "Birkenstock socks" and happily wear your Birks into the Autumn(but only on those non-rain, non-puddle days).