Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First Flakes

As I reluctantly ventured out of doors this morning, experiencing the bone-chilling wind with disdain and peering about at the wisps of snow through narrowed eyes, I oddly enough thought about Lorelei on Gilmore Girls and how she always gets so excited about the first snowfall of the year, and about how I wished I was excited by this morning's discovery but was really just irritated, especially by the fact that TV set first snowfalls usually aren't ushered in by 40 mile per hour howling winds that knock you over when you go outside and make you shiver and tremble even when you're safe and secure in your warm toasty bed, and so of course they can enjoy them if they so wish and if it advances the plot line.

People express their frustration in different ways. Apparently, my outlet is run-on sentences. Hope you're staying warm and toasty tonight, wherever you are. I will be selling books to the few brave souls who dare to venture out.

1 comment:

Sam said...

i want snow!!! :( jealous!