Monday, November 07, 2005

Before I Die

A few weeks ago my friend Mary posted a list of 20 things she wants to do before she dies. It triggered a lot of reflection for me, partly because I'm a sucker for lists, and partly because in this, my quarter-century year, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what's behind me and what's still ahead. Last Wednesday night, while working the information "outpost" at B&N, I put to paper some of the ideas that had been rattling around in my head.

This list is not exhaustive. It's not in any particular order. Some of the items I could get started on tomorrow if I had a mind to, while others are partially or completely out of my control. All will be accomplished only by God's grace. But I feel like for right now it's a launch pad for living; or maybe a home base, a place to come back to for reorientation when I've wandered from my conviction that a life of only the familiar, comfortable, and routine is not forward living, but just idle repetition. And by posting it here, I'm not only making a declaration of hope and intent, but also inviting you, my friends, to join me in any of the endeavors and adventures listed below. :)

1. Take voice lessons.
2. Become really, truly fluent in Spanish.
3. Live somewhere with a moutain view.
4. Earn a Master's Degree in...something.
5. Stay for a week at a B&B on Prince Edward Island.
6. Learn how to swim properly.
7. Work as a barista.
8. Have my photography on display in a gallery or some public place.
9. Take ballroom dancing lessons.
10. Learn to play the piano.
11. Adopt a dog that needs a home.
12. Mentor a younger woman.
13. Take a cooking class.
14. Own a home.
15. Plant a lilac bush in my yard.
16. Instill in a child the love of reading.
17. Write a book and have it published.
18. Live for at least 2 years in a foreign country.
19. Hike the Camino de Santiago.
20. Find Gustav.


Mary said...

these are awesome, suz! i echo a bunch of them (particulary the PEI one. amen!).

i hope you get to taste each of them. god bless you in these pursuits!!

hmb said...

i assigned suz and renee a "make a list of 100 things to do before you die" homework assignment last year. i don't know if they ever did it. i did it...and it is VERY exciting when you get to check things off the, since writing the list i have done all of the following:

6. Have guest guest towels that are nicer than my own.
19. Learn how to make amazing pie crusts
42. Become an official river rafting guide.
43. Learn how to roll over in a hardshell kayak.
50. Learn how to knit
64. Learn how to make Hummus
65. Learn how to make Falafel
66. Learn how to make Chapati

I have yet to achieve #82--have Brad Pitt cook me dinner at my house. that he's back on the market...

suz said...

I'd have to rack my brain a little to expand the list to 100 things, but that might be fun too...and would give me the chance to include a few things that would be a little easier to cross off. Congratulations on your many accomplishments to date...I still want to take advantage of you on #50 - whether it's in the ski lodge or back in Greeley or somewhere further down the road!