Monday, May 09, 2005

Lovely Ladies

The weekend of April 22-24 the lovely ladies of Third Gerig's Class of 2002 converged on Indy for the 3rd Annual 3G'02 Reunion, hosted this year by Becca and "the other" Suzanne. The weekend's festivities included a pamper party, preparing and partaking of meals together, drinks and desserts at Rick's Boat Yard (a favorite from our Taylor days), lots of talking and catching up on each other's lives, and a surprise (well, short of) bridal shower for Suzanne (front and center in the pink tiara-adorned cowboy hat), newly engaged to our dear friend Barrett.

Whenever I get together with these girls--or even think about all of them--I realize anew that I am blessed beyond measure to have these gorgeous, intelligent, fun, and godly women in my life. I was picking up a book last week at a Christian bookstore here in town, and as she was helping me locate an item, one of the sales girls asked me if I went to Taylor. It took me a second to make the connection between her question and my Taylor t-shirt, but I quickly and enthusiastically confirmed my alma mater, and learned that she's headed to Upland in the fall. Fresh off the reunion, I launched into a little advice, whether she wanted it or not.

"You're going to meet some incredible people at Taylor. Get to know them. Invest in them. Open yourself to them. Dig deep, establish roots, feed your friendships with love and time and prayer and tears and crazy adventures. And when you leave that place, you'll have a set of friends for life."

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