Monday, May 23, 2005

Here a pug, there a pug...

Acting on a whim and a radio commercial, Charity and I trekked down to Lincoln Park yesterday to witness the 2005 Pug Crawl. The concept is really very simple: two bars on the same street host an annual party for Pugs and their owners, and on the designated day hundreds of both flock from miles and miles around to fill the bars and mill the street in celebration of all that is puggy.

According to a veteran of the event, with whom I spoke while absentmindedly petting her pooch, it used to be an actual traveling affair, with the crowds making their way from one pub to the next along a designated route, but it seems after a couple years of that, someone noticed that Pugs have REALLY short legs, and now the crawl is restricted to the length of one street. Of course, even that was too much for a trio of graying, geriatric Pugs I happened to meet, who took in the event from their perch in a retro baby-turned-Pug buggy.

There weren't quite as many dogs in costume as I had hoped for, but I did see one in a dress, one in a Harley vest, one in a Hawaiian shirt, a pair of Pugs in Cubs and Sox jerseys, a few with tu-tus, several in various t-shirts, and many with bandanas or fancy collars and leashes. I think my favorite was this bored-looking, rather portly Pug wearing a pink t-shirt with the words "Do you think this shirt makes me look fat?" stretched across her back.

All in all it was a very fun outing, if not a little surreal.

Pugs: further confirmation that our Creator has a healthy sense of humor. :)

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