Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Vacation Alphabet - Part 7

S is for Street Food
A love a good open air market. The small town of Minturn, not too far from Vail, has a nice market every Saturday morning during the summer. We enjoyed wandering through the aisles of vendors, which offered wares ranging from jewelry, specialty pasta, clothes, accessories, kitchen goods, dog paraphernalia, and even "Dope on a Rope" (soap made from hemp). There were also a good number of food stalls, and picking just one was difficult. Travis and I settled on the crepe tent and shared a savory creation brimming with good things. I don't remember exactly what was in there, but I think turkey, tomatoes, spinach, and cheese were involved.

T is for Treacherous Trail
Descending the exposed ridge after reaching the summit of Mt. Sherman. Yikes.
U is for Unexpected Beauty
Scattered amidst the Rockies' harsh terrain are little patches of color and beauty for those who will notice.

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