Wednesday, July 14, 2010

City Dog Goes to the Country

ANJING'S FIRST ROAD TRIP: This series of photos documents the weekend I (hereafter Auntie Suz) took my nephew (aka best friend's dog) on a road trip to Michigan to visit my in-laws and meet my niece (aka sister-in-law's brand new baby). Narrated by Anjing (the dog).
 On Friday afternoon, Auntie Suz was all over the place. 
I could tell something was up.
 Then Uncle Travis came home and they loaded up the car. Road trip!
 I like car rides. Usually after a while I just lie down and go to sleep. About half way there, I was rudely awakened by what they called a Silly Satterlee Sing-a-long. Those people are crazy.
 Look Mom! I'm in Michigan!
 We stayed at a house where they had this thing called a "fenced-in yard." I'd never seen anything like it! I could run all over the place without a leash...
 ...and pee anywhere I wanted, whenever I felt like it. It was great.
 This was my kingdom for the weekend.
 I mostly ruled from the porch, where I took naps in the shade.
 Auntie Suz wanted to get a photo of me with the pretty flowers. 
I wanted to give her a kiss instead.
 Uncle Travis and I played lots.
The people there were obsessed with this tiny human they called a "baby." It made lots of noise and smelled funny. At first I wasn't sure what to think so I growled at it. That didn't go over real well, so I decided I should be friendly instead.
 One afternoon Uncle Travis took a nap. 
This is when I decided it was time for him to wake up.
 Auntie Suz, where are we gonna go next?

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