Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life Update

Whew! It's been a busy couple months. Here's an update on my life of late in 13 semi-random statements:
  1. Yesterday morning I met with the manager at the restaurant where we've decided to hold the rehearsal dinner. We are way excited. Wedding party, listen up: you are in for some serious yumminess.
  2. This past Saturday was our engagement photo shoot with Kaiti, the photographer for our wedding. It was lots of fun (of course, with directions like "Put your arms around her like this," "Look at each other" and "Now, kiss! Again!" how could you not have a good time?). We're eager to see the results, which will hopefully be ready in a couple weeks.
  3. Last night Travis and I visited the Oak Park Regional Housing Center for apartment listings. With my move coming up quickly at the end of April, it's crunch time for finding a place that will be our new home. We're hoping to find an apartment in a vintage 2-or-3-flat with ample space and lots of charm.
  4. This weekend I am headed to Michigan for a retreat with my small group girls. I am so pleased with the way my group has come together this year -- God's entrusted me with some incredible women, and I am honored and humbled.
  5. My small group has just started going through Beth Moore's "A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place," which is a study about the Old Testament tabernacle.
  6. I have chosen to observe Lent again this year by "fasting" from the radio in my car. It's been challenging but good to be alone with my thoughts in the silence. It's also made me realize my car really does not sound good and should probably have a check up with the mechanic, but I am afraid of the verdict and the resulting expense, so I'm putting it off.
  7. I still need to do my taxes. I drag my feet on this every year because I know I'm going to owe the government money. Downside of freelancing.
  8. As of today there are 200 days until I become a Mrs. Yippee!
  9. I firmly believe spring is good for the soul (though not for the attention span when stuck in an office!). Sixty-five degrees and sunny is a beautiful thing.
  10. My good friends Nate and Bethany get married in a month. I look forward to taking part in the celebration!
  11. It's the middle of another season of the Amazing Race and I've been watching faithfully, as usual, and with friends as often as possible. I'm cheering for Margie & Luke.
  12. The honeymoon is planned! We'll be spending a week on Cape Cod (New England in the fall - hooray!). Huge thanks to my parents, who gave us a week of their timeshare. Travis has done all of the research and made all of the other reservations and arrangements, for which I am very thankful (although it leaves me very curious about what he has planned!). I'm determined to keep my curiosity under wraps, though, and do my part -- which is just to show up and enjoy!
  13. The first weekend in March Travis and I went up to Menomonie, WI to visit Allison and Brent. We played games. We ate meat. We saw cabbage fly. We had a wonderful time.

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TirzahJean said...

Sounds like life is running at a good pace! I loved that Beth Moore study, too.