Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Fact for the Day

I was reading through a few prayer letters today and one was from a missionary serving in Poland who recently had emergency eye surgery (in Poland) to repair a detached retina. She writes, "The 19th century eye hospital has no elevator. So after my operation I was carried upstairs on a stretcher. Things to take with you to a hospital here: pajamas, slippers, a towel, a cup, soap, and cutlery."

And then this, which was my favorite part: "In Polish, retina and volleyball are the same word. So 'odklejana siadkowka' could equally mean detached retina or unglued volleyball."

So there you have your fun fact for the day. Bust it out at parties and impress your friends.

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Sheryl said...

I just finished reading that same letter about 20 minutes ago!