Monday, February 25, 2008

Things Learned While Dining Out This Weekend

1. When ordering fish in an authentic Peruvian restaurant, there's a good chance it will be served with the head and fins still attached. Once you get over that, the flesh itself will likely be quite tasty. Here's a breakdown of the red snapper that I enjoyed (along with several other interesting dishes) with friends at Taste of Peru on Friday night.

2. Escargot (at least when served atop a garlic crouton with sherry aioli) is not nearly as texturally repugnant as I might have expected. If you happen to dine at Cafe Ba-ba-reeba and also find yourself curious about why people eat snails, I recommend it. Not as much as the dates wrapped in bacon or the goat cheese with marinara, mind you, for those tapas are firmly lodged in my affections and will not be budged by an invertebrate, however tasty.

3. One should not underestimate the amount of caffeine in a very chocolatey cup of hot chocolate enjoyed late at night. I realized this at 1:27, and again at 2am, and 3:13... Thankfully, I had lots of pleasant memories of food and friends to review as I lay in bed, wide awake.


bethany said...

mmm...Cafe Ba Ba Reeba...

Anonymous said...

That actually *looks* good.

Lemme know where you host those pictures of grampa and stuff. Otherwise if you could e-mail them, that'd be good too. Thanks.