Wednesday, September 12, 2007

5K training update

So, up until a little mishap yesterday afternoon I was feeling really good about my 5K training. I was on schedule, covering distances and reaching durations previously unmatched in any of my attempts at fitness. I can't say that I yet "enjoy" running, but neither do I loathe it as much as I thought I might. Really, I think it's having a goal and seeing myself reach little milestones of accomplishment that's keeping me going.

But then as I was leaving the office yesterday afternoon I tripped and fell while going down the back stairs. The stairs are made of a punctured metal that's designed for traction, but not intended to ever make contact with flesh. As a result, my lower right leg and foot appear as though I was mauled by some malevolent beast, and the very thought of wearing a sock and shoe on that foot anytime soon makes me want to cry.

So, it looks like just when I was really catching momentum in my training I'm going to have to pull back and just walk or use the elliptical for a little while, in flip flops, while my foot heals. Sigh.

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Lauren said...

Oh Suz, that's horrible! Really looks painful... And our feet are so sensitive, so I can imagine it was not a pleasant experience. I commiserate with you, my friend. :)