Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Travel Album

I've been home for a week now, and think my body has finally adjusted. Though I've had some really good conversations with friends that have helped me debrief some of my experiences, I feel like my head and my heart still have some processing to do. Talk is good, but there's something about putting it down in words that really makes me size up what I've experienced. August has rapidly become a very busy month and I haven't found (or better, made) the time yet to do a lot of reflection or reporting on my trip in writing. However, last night I did spend an unintentional four hours going through my photos and putting them online (when I got to my original stopping point around hour 2, there was a storm raging outside so I decided to stay and keep working until it let up). Here's a sampling:

The full set can be viewed on my flickr site. I ended up with quite a few pics that I'm really happy with - some for their sentimental value, some for their artistic value. Enjoy!

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