Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm not sure which bothers me more.

The fact that I am incredibly diverted by the headline, "20 Endangered Rabbits Released; 14 Promptly Eaten" or the fact that said rabbit release was, to quote the article, a "multimillion dollar project."

I'm gonna go with the spending of millions of dollars on pronto prey, er, rabbits.

In somewhat related news, on Monday a truck carrying rabbits crashed on Hungary's busiest highway, letting 5,000 bunnies loose all over the road. The highway was closed for hours while police tried to capture the animals. (Insert your own amusing mental video clip here.)

Because, you know, if you wait too long, they'll either reproduce or get eaten.


Michelle said...

Oh, Suz, this blog just made my day. I'm still laughing :) :) Thanks, I needed that :)

Anonymous said...

wuddup suz? - simon