Wednesday, December 20, 2006

There's a first time for everything.

Today, specifically, was the first time for the following:
  • had lunch at Sal & Carvao, a churrascuria (Brazilian steakhouse) which = lots of yummy meat in my belly.
  • tasted swordfish, which = mighty tasty, for fish.
  • received email from pregnant friend with post-doctor's visit update on her developing baby...and the state of her cervix, which = TMI.
  • met the bride of the wedding that's taking place this Friday, in which I am both bridesmaid and translator, which = I'll be the one in a pink dress clutching a Sp/Eng dictionary.


C&J said...

I love Sal & Carvao!!! Yum!!

Lets go next week with everyone!!!


suz said...

Um, I think S&C violates the "we'll try to keep the expenses reasonable" clause.

C&J said...

What's not reasonable about it? It's the best meat you every had!

Oh, well, we'll see if we can even make it this year with all the snow.

suz said...

Well, yes, it was some of the tastiest meat I've ever had...and for sure the best meat I've ever been served right off a skewer-sword by a man in billowy pants, but still...when the company's not paying for it, that's some pricey meat.

On another note, the thought of you guys snowed in and barred from getting here makes me want to cry.

hmb said...

how about we just roast a hog and stick it on a sword skewer ourselves. he can be our new year's mascot. we can marinate him in birdseed and everything.

pray i get to ohio tonight. dang denver is messing everything up.

Bethany said...

I can't wait to hear how the wedding went...Feliz navidad!