Monday, July 10, 2006

Rapid Fire Weekends

So, it turns out the rigging of the Santa Maria replica in Columbus, OH is a pretty fabulous frame for a fireworks show. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with the Pizzi family, even though I lost at both Scrabble (I know-gasp! What can I say, Allison brought her A-game) and pinochle (also sad, but not as surprising).

This past weekend was another busy one, seeming to arrive ridiculously fast after only a 3-day work week, and go by equally fast, being on the heels of a 4 day weekend. Highlights included cheering Berto Ramon on to victory and a trip to Germany at the Chicago final for the Emergenza Music Festival (thanks Bekah, that was fun...loud, but fun); getting "lost" at the arboretum; and reconnecting with my friend and college roommate, Michelle, after 4 years of her being out of the country.

Summer = good.


Bethany said...

Your fireworks picture is beautiful! What are your thoughts on the pocket guide to the bible? I just got a copy of that from a friend.

suz said...

My thoughts on PGTTB are mixed...I hope to have my review up by the end of the week.