Monday, June 26, 2006

Golden Girl

Yes, today is my golden birthday, the day when the age one turns and the day of the month conincide. I did a little research and tried to find the origin of the term; you know, some explanation of why this particular precious metal was picked to represent the occasion, as opposed to say, one's silver birthday or platinum birthday, or why it's a metal at all and not a gemstone (Today is my sapphire birthday), or even a fruit (i.e. Today is my kumquat birthday). But alas, it seems that other than the novelty of matching numbers, one's golden birthday really means very little (which should be some consolation to those born early in the month whose golden birthday passed them by before their cognitive skills had fully developed). It does, however, make for a killer party theme.

Allison threw me a birthday party Saturday night, complete with lots of gold decorations, gold accessories, gold-themed snacks (to which my very creative friend Erin, who can run with a theme like no one else I know, contributed greatly), some gorgeous yellow gold roses, and both new and old friends, which any former Girl Scout knows are both silver AND gold (go on, sing the song in your head, you know you want to).

Yesterday afternoon was family time, where we celebrated the back-to-back birthdays of my brother and me (he was born on the 25th) with lunch and a viewing of Cars, a film I heartily recommend. And then last night my friend Bethany and I enjoyed some very tasty Mongolian BBQ followed up by a stroll along the river and a dish of ice cream and cookie dough that was definitely worth cheating on my diet for.

Today, my actual birthday, has been made very sweet by calls and emails and ecards from friends and family, and more coupons arrving in my inbox offering me free stuff, just for being born. Birthdays are a great gig.

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