Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Things I Learned Today

1. You should always consult the weather forecast before deciding to leave your apartment windows open for the day.

2. Just because it hasn't rained all summer, you shouldn't look at dark clouds on the distant horizon and think, "That'll never turn into anything," and decide not to run home before the storm hits.

3. I should probably own an umbrella.

4. Pillows can absorb a lot of water.

5. So can carpet.


Drewser said...

Well stated. Same observations could be applied to owning a convertible. Don't ask how I know.

suz said...

No questions. :) By the way, Drew, you win the prize for the 2nd person EVER to comment on my blog! Okay, so there's not actually a "prize", per se, I guess it's more of a title: Drew, Second Commenter Ever. Thanks, though!

Drewser said...

You know, I was noticing that you had very few comments, which surprised me for the quality of work that's posted. Now that I know where your site is, watch out...I think I hold some sort of record on Heather's blog.

Drewser said...

Doh! I just found the other commenter. I can't believe Heather beat me. And I was so close to being number one...

At least I now have her beat in volume. :)